Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Going to the bar

Jim is waiting for the quitting time bell to sound.  When the bell rings he gets excited and energized by flaring his arms into the air. Jim travels to the bar by foot and is accompanied by a smooth tune from the 80’s. He arrives at the bar just as the sunsets. While at the bar, Jim instinctively begins drinking beer after beer. very intoxicated and confronts a woman who later finds out not to be the woman he thought she was. After his failed attempt to woo the woman, Jim gets into a fight and gets knocked out.

-Jim is dying to get off of work and go to the bar. While at the bar Jim gets very intoxicated and confronts a woman who later finds out not to be the woman he thought she was. After his failed attempt to woo the woman, Jim gets into a fight and gets knocked out.

-Jim goes to the bar and has a unfortunate outcome.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Screenplay Titled: “Gang Related

Act One

Opening shot:  there appears to be an empty soda can on the ground bouncing up and down to the tune of loud bass music.  Suddenly a car speeding by crushes the can.

(Cut to: male, in a power wheels version of an old mini van riding down the street blasting music. wearing light pink clothing and pink bandanas in a similar manner of modern day street gangs; they are dancing flamboyantly to their music and drinking root beer having a good time.
The camera cuts to different parts of the van; the wheels, front headlights, and the speakers blasting in the back.

(Cut to the van pulling up to a red light (their surroundings change as they approach the green gangs turf indicated by spray paint and side walk chalk on a near by building)
A light powder green power wheels car that resembles of a 90’s model Cadillac is sitting at the red light with a kids male wearing light powered green suits and classic fedoras  (this kid resembles the gangsters of the late 1920’s)  
The green kid notices the obnoxious rivalry gang very nonchalantly. he does seem to worry about him.


(Cut to a little girl wearing a pink and green dress with similar colors of the two gangs. She is walking across the street in front of them holding her teddy bear.

The gangs do not notice her. As they begin to stair down each other
Their eyes lock as they become fixated on one another
The camera toggles thru close ups of the gangs eyes. Their eyes begin to look angry and get smaller and smaller. 

(Cut to the member of the pink gang beginning to raise his “gang sign” very slowly) like a kid that knows what their about to do will get them in trouble but still does it anyway. 

The higher he raised his hands the angrier the rival gang got the camera cuts back and forth between them until the gang sign is completely raised and revealed as to be the shape of a heart –the pink gangs symbol.

The green gang member becomes infuriated by his actions; pull out a large kool-aid filled water gun and open fire.
Cut to the rival pink gang with his guns already in hand firing away  
The camera zooms into the little girl and she screams

Little girl:  “Screams” 

Cut to The water gun fight red liquid gets everywhere so much that it obstructs the cameras view.
The camera fades to black

The scene opens with a camera pan of the aftermath. The gang members from both sides are laid out over the ground. Puddles of red juice surround them. They all get up to inspect themselves to find that no one was soaked in juice. Everyone was dry on both sides
They felt relived.

Cut to the little girl with watery eyes falling to her knees.
The camera reveals that the little girl’s teddy bear is soaked in juice

Little Girl: sniffling then cries out loud
The gangs look over at her curiously and walk over behind her
As she is crying, they are in disbelief over what has happened
The little girls feelings start to reflect on to the gang members causing them to cry as well.
The camera cuts to a close up of the teddy bear zooming out to all of the characters crying together.
Fades to black.    

Potential scene is a shot of everyone in the Laundromat waiting for the washing machine cycle.

Monday, January 27, 2014

William Godfrey 3 act structure summary

·      Short animated film Titled TRANSMISSION:
·      2 CHARATERS a creature and a dog. The setting indicates some sort of post apocalyptic era and that he live all alone.
·      INCITING INCIDENT – the dog finds a radio that has hope of another life form.
·      ACT 2 the go out to find a signal in hope of life.
·      Act 3 they find an abandoned building and the signal on the radio improves at the end it was just a television of some one talking but the creature finds a telegraph and types out in Morse code HOPE.